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Alt HAN Co is at an exciting point on its journey to provide the missing piece of Britain’s smart metering jigsaw, enabling access for the million-plus UK households currently unsupported by the existing technology, and we are seeking the right people to join the enduring business which will continue to supply the devices and support services after Energy Suppliers stall install the equipment this year.

Our journey

Alt HAN Co is a unique entity, a regulated co-operative of the UK’s energy suppliers, created to design and manufacture a smart metering solution for the 4.4% of homes where the “home area network” – energy meters, in-home devices and communications hub – are too far apart to talk to each other. Certain types of building – particularly sprawling or multi-floor blocks of flats and some large single homes – are often “blackspot” premises where residents are unable to enjoy the many benefits of the full smart metering experience.

With no “off the shelf” solution available, Alt HAN Co commissioned specialist technology suppliers to design new range-extending equipment which forms an “alternative home area network”, enabling residents in these blackspot properties to access smart metering for the first time. The final choice of equipment is imminent, manufacturing of the devices is set to begin shortly, and energy suppliers will be rolling out the first installations to householders in the second half of this year.

Working with us – the Alt HAN Co culture

Having designed and created the technical solution for the industry, Alt HAN Co is now building the permanent workforce which will  continue to provide the devices and associated support for the ongoing business.

One of the things that makes Alt HAN Co unique is that it brings energy companies which traditionally compete against each other into a collaborative forum where industry-wide challenges can be addressed. This informs our corporate vision “to become the trusted partner for delivering simple solutions for the GB energy retail market that require collective action”, and our mission “to deliver products that extend the home area network and seamlessly integrate into energy supplier’s smart meter rollout plans”.

We love to hear from professionals who have worked in a diverse selection of roles, people who may or may not currently be working in the energy industry, but who share our principles and values:

  • a desire to make a difference – by demonstrating our passion, ambition and willingness to “go the extra mile”
  • the commitment to deliver on our promises – by taking pride in and ownership of our roles, and taking a “can do” approach to opportunities and challenges
  • being part of a great team – being proactively inclusive, acting as a committed part of the Alt HAN Co family, and helping make Alt HAN Co a fun place to work for everybody

We don’t currently have any open vacancies, please keep a lookout for exciting updates on roles within Alt HAN Co.

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