Alternative Home Area Network Company

COVID 19: During the lockdown we are continuing to operate as a virtual business, working with the supplier and vendor communities to develop alternative home area network solutions.

Welcome to AltHANCo

The Alternative Home Area Network Company (AltHANCo) has been established as a special purpose company to allow all GB energy suppliers to deliver Alternative Home Area Network (Alt HAN) technological solutions and services. The Alt HAN Forum, made up of energy supplier representatives, governs and makes decisions on developing and implementing Alt HAN solutions and services, while the AltHANCo acts as the procurement and contract management vehicle for the delivery of those solutions and services.


Why the need for Alt HAN?

GB Smart Metering has a Home Area Network (HAN) that wirelessly connects devices in the home or business to a Smart Metering System. Current standard GB HANs have range limitations and some premises cannot be connected. This means that without further action some types of premises will not be able to connect to Smart Metering services. Alt HAN solutions and services are being implemented to ensure that energy suppliers collaborate on the development and installation of Alt HAN equipment to address this coverage gap.

For more information please see About Alt HAN.